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Hello, I’m Georgette Lombardo

I’m glad you found me!

If you consider your puppy part of your family, if you have visions for all the wonderful things your dog will be able to join you for when she’s all grown up, and if you’re busy and a bit frazzled by your puppy’s behavior, you’re in the right place.

I specialize in helping busy dog lovers enjoy raising their puppies to become the dog of their dreams. I’d love to do the same for you!

Have an adult dog who’s not quite living up to your dreams? I can help with that, too.

Jennifer Allen. KPA-CTP

Jennifer is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and has been with Pawsitive Training ABQ since 2020. Jennifer began her career teaching classes at a facility. She gained a great deal of knowledge and experience working with multiple people and their pups. She has enjoyed competing in dog sports with 2 of her dogs. 

Jennifer Hunt, KPA-CTP

Jennifer is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and is the newest addition to Pawsitive Training ABQ in 2024. She is also a certified Control Unleashed instructor. Jennifer began her career in the shelter world. In her spare time, she has enjoyed roller derby, riding horses, and raising foster animals.

By summer 2024, I expect to have 2 additional employees. This will allow me to better serve to more people and their awesome dogs and puppies!

My training partner – Gaston

As you can see by the photo, I met Gaston when he was quite young, 5 weeks old to be precise. I flew out to Texas to make sure we were a good fit. This was not staged; I was quite happy when he chose to fall asleep in my lap. I wanted to have a dog I could bring along to help your dogs. Gaston has acted as the “buddy” for dogs who need a little more confidence while walking, assessing if your dog wants to play or has other ideas, and helping your dog be a little less reactive when encountering another dog.

I’m so pleased he is helping my business grow. Gaston and I will do our best to help you with your dog if that is the best course to take during our training journey together.

My professional training & credentials

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
KPA is one of the top schools for dog trainers in the U.S. and internationally. I am proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and a Certified Training Partner.

Training Awards & Recognition
I am honored to have been name a Top-5 Dog Trainer in Albuquerque the Magazine in 2016, 2018, and again in 2019, and the Top Dog Trainer in 2017 and again in 2020. 

Continuing Professional Education
I take my work very seriously (while having a lot of fun and making sure you do, too), so professional development is a yearly priority. My KPA education has continued with yearly attendance of their professional conference since 2015, participation in the hands-on Ranch Experience in 2019, and training in the KPA Puppy Start Right curriculum. I am also a graduate of Dr. Susan Friedman’s highly regarded Living and Learning with Animals course. Currently I am pursuing my Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington.

Professional Associations
I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the Pet Professional Guild, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

All positive training for positive results

I’m all about getting you the best results possible. That’s why I use only science-based positive-reinforcement, force-free training techniques. Well, it’s one of the reasons. The other is that I want you and your dog to thoroughly enjoy the process of getting those results!

Specifically, I’m a clicker trainer. Which means we’ll use a small box called a clicker. If you’ve never encountered this approach to training I’ll be excited to introduce you to it. It’s super simple and ridiculously easy. The basic concept is using a small sound to help bridge the species communication gap between you and your puppy or dog. It’s crazy fun and seriously addicting.


My dogs—my inspiration and, I hope, yours

I have a bit of a thing for Siberian Huskies. I work with two local Husky rescues and currently share my home with two of these wonderful dogs—Alaska, who is a Husky mix and Gaston, a full Siberian. Gaston is turning out to be my best teacher yet.

Though I adore the breed I can’t say Siberian Huskies are the best choice for first-time owners—I learned that the hard way from Ivan, my last dog, a Cattle Dog/ Husky mix.

I like to say Ivan has been my greatest dog training achievement. He came to us with a whole cornucopia of issues—he didn’t like car rides, other dogs, strangers on a walk, visitors to our home. He was not a fan of men, period. (Other than my husband Marc, thank goodness.) To say Ivan was a training project is to put it lightly.

But take inspiration from Ivan if behavior issues are what have brought you here. When Ivan passed away he could calmly approach strangers (even men!) on a walk. He had learned to ignore other dogs and focus on me instead of barking and lunging and growling. He was happy to jump in the car to enjoy rides together.

My “project dog” turned out to be my forever “heart dog.” So if you’re here because you didn’t bring home the perfect dog, or things aren’t shaping up as you’d envisioned, I want you to know that positive change is possible through the power of positive training..

And if you’re here because you have a puppy, so much the better—let’s get you off on  pawsitive footing together!

Ready for your best puppy or dog through personalized training?

I can’t wait to create your personalized puppy training plan and help you enjoy the results!

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“I’m Lucy. I love training right along with my brother Rusty. While he’s learning I’m learning too! The clicker is my new best friend. When I hear that click, I know I’m doing something good and I’ll be rewarded. I love seeing Georgette come up the driveway so I can learn something new!”

Why does clicker training work?

Clicker training uses a distinct and consistent signal to mark a desired behavior in real time and then follows that with a motivating reward. Because the dogs understand precisely which action earned the click and the reward, and therefore they learn new behaviors easily, quickly and with lots of enthusiasm.


What results should I expect and when?

We often talk about the “lightbulb moment.” It is the moment you and your dog connect through the sound of the clicker. Communication has been established and it can be as exciting for your dog as it is for you. Most dogs will have this moment – you can see it in their eyes – during the first training session.


Do you have to use the clicker forever?

No, clicker training is used to teach new behaviors. Once the behavior is learned, the clicker is not needed for that particular behavior, although praise and treats are always appreciated. The next time you want to teach a new behavior or brush up on an older one, break out the treats and clicker again.


Will clicker training work with my dog?

Yes, clicker training works with all breeds, types, sizes and ages of dogs. Whether they are a purebred, rescue or adopted dog, this training style works with all of them.